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Beauty beyond skin. The SkinHub MD provides the next generation personalized skincare solutions for every unique individual. We focus on helping you achieve a deeper understanding about your skin and overall wellness needs. Thus, promoting adherence and consistency to treatment regimens. 

Our company logo was inspired by the force which holds all  of us together and grounded. The very same force that is synonymous to and plays a very big role in the aging process- Gravity.  Gravity and aging are both naturally occurring and inevitable. We, at the SkinHub MD, acknowledge the natural process of aging and the many other constellations of factors and life events that alter and negatively impact your physical appearance; leaving you feeling insecure and unattractive. 

Take control:  For all your physical issues, concerns, and insecurities; you have two options: Learn to love it or do something about it. It’s your choice.

Now is time to be open to the possibilities of recreating yourself and be willing to put in the effort to achieve your happier, healthier and fulfilling life. 

Your journey to your #BeautyBeyondSkin starts with us.


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Why Us?

Isabel M. Molina RN-BSN, INHC 

Lead Aesthetic RN and Co-owner

Lover of humanity, beauty, and nature. She has turned all her personal life’s challenges into her motivation in creating solutions that will help humanity gain more insight, understanding, and accountability on their health and wellness. Hence, enabling them to live happier and fulfilling lives. She has often wondered if she was alone dealing with skin issues and other health concerns ranging from chronic fatigue, brain fog, mood disorders, etc. Turns out, men and women all over the globe are suffering from conditions caused by imbalances in their bodies but are unaware of it. Perplexed yet amazed and intrigued by the interconnection between diet, sleep, and skin, she explored Integrative dermatology and studied to be a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. The knowledge and experience she gained inspired her to create the concept behind what is now being practiced by SkinHub MD- Modern meets traditional.

When not in the clinic or conceptualizing another product and business venture with her daughter, you can find Isabel at home practicing yoga,

specifically inside flow along with meditation and journaling- these help her feel grounded and cope with stress. Reading is another pleasure of hers along with traveling and exploring different cultures and food. She loves art and architecture and is in absolute awe with the gravity defying works of the late architect, Zaha Hadid, inspiring the branding and concept of SkinHub MD.

Cyndee S. Castle, Licensed Esthetician, BSN

Lead Esthetician and Co-owner

Compassionate and passionate skincare expert who is eager to help men and women love, nurture, and embrace the skin they are in. Started her own esthetic day spa back in 2015, The Skin Hub, she has constantly dealt with skin issues that has rendered her clients dazed and confused as to what they were doing wrong, and why they were constantly battling with acne, hypersensitivity, eczema, rosacea, etc. despite their many efforts. Her combined knowledge and expertise in esthetics, direct from consumer insights, and as an entrepreneur has given her the bird’s eye view as to what the consumers need, how to address their needs, and the unavailable solutions as the opportunity for growth. Hence, giving her the credibility and expertise in delivering effective and efficient customer-centric experience.

 Esthetics is her passion, but her first love is being a wife and mother. Cyndee loves to spend time with her family exploring restaurants, cultures, and places. As a wife, she never ceases to make her husband feel as one of her top priorities despite her very busy schedule; from preparing his clothes for work the night before to cooking his packed lunch and keeping their home and family affairs in order everyday. As a mother, it has been a struggle for her to cope with her teenage son’s busy schedule; from basketball practices, games, and fitness trainings, Cyndee has glamorously perfected the execution of the art of “omnipresence”- aka as being all over the place, as how this supermom puts humor and pleasure to her daily challenges.

Being best friends since college, these two women has had the same passion for beauty and wellness ever since. Together, they created SkinHub MD – Center for non-surgical Aesthetic Medical Procedures and Holistic Beauty, with the focus on Beauty Beyond Skin

Meet Our Team

and create YOUR own Happiness

Larry Feliciano, MD

Larry Feliciano, MD

Medical Director

Cyndee Castle, LE, BSN

Cyndee Castle, LE, BSN

Certified Master Esthetician

“Once you become fearless, you are Limitless!”

To my dear clients, you are what inspires me. I make it my mission to deliver exceptional service so you can radiate in your most confident self.

Isabel Molina, BSN-RN, INHC

Isabel Molina, BSN-RN, INHC

Certified Master Injector and PDO thread specialist

“Give that which you want to receive”

To all my beloved and future clients, expect nothing but my very best.

Rhoda Navarro

Rhoda Navarro

Registered Nurse

 “Excellence is not about being the best, it is about performing your best.  A commitment to excellence will empower you to achieve success.”

Gemma Cruz

Gemma Cruz

Customer Relations Manager

Lani San Luis

Lani San Luis

Clinic Manager

Alissa Maciel

Alissa Maciel

Licensed Esthetician

Time to

Recreate yourself

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